Lee H. Latimer, Ph.D.

Candidate for ACS Director at Large

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lee on a variety of projects that have improved our ACS, from ventures with the Local Section Activities Committee to the ACS Fellows Program. Lee understands the needs of our membership, knows how to bring people together, and has the capacity to get things done. His commitment to and passion for ACS and its members will make him an outstanding and effective Director, and I am proud to add my endorsement to his candidacy.”
Bruce Bursten
Provost, Worcester Polytechnic University
President of ACS, 2008

"I support Lee Latimer as Director at Large. Lee is a strong ACS leader: one who carefully thinks about the impacts of decisions, listens well, and thoughtfully articulates those positions that he believes need to be aired before decisions are made."    

Mitchell Bruce

Councilor, Maine Section

Former Chair, Committee on Local Section Activities (LSAC)

"I thank Lee Latimer for recommending my current service on LSAC, Grants and Awards Subcommittee, an activity about which I had no previous understanding.  I found that many of the skills used to coordinate the CA Section SEED program are directly transferable to LSAC. Lee has extensive knowledge of ACS programs, thus enabling volunteers like myself to help local sections thrive and reach new heights of excellence. By offering me this opportunity, Lee has promoted a culture of Diversity, Inclusion and Respect aimed at benefiting the unique local sections within ACS. I am voting for Lee and encourage you to do likewise."
Elaine Yamaguchi
Councilor, CA Section
Co-Chair, Women Chemists Committee, CA  Section
ACS Fellow

"I have known and worked with Lee for almost a decade.  On every project, he always has done an excellent job. I am certain he will continue to be an exceptional member of the ACS Board of Directors ."

Tom Beattie

Councilor, San Diego Section

"I strongly support Lee Latimer's candidacy for Director at Large, ACS.  Lee has an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing local sections of the ACS and would be an excellent advocate on their behalf.  Lee was my general co-chair for the highly successful 2013 Western Regional Meeting.  Lee worked tirelessly to make this meeting the success it was.  If elected, Lee will continue to apply his energy and skills toward issues on the Board of Directors of ACS.  Please cast your vote for Lee Latimer."

Natalie McClure

Councilor and Past Chair

Silicon Valley Section

​Co-Chair, Western Regional Meeting, 2013

"Being a new Councilor for the Philadelphia Local Section, I was surprised that my councilor mentor was from California.  Despite the difference in geographic location, Lee was been an exceptional mentor and was willing to invest the time to introduce me to the workings of ACS governance.  This allowed me to better understand the workings of ACS and be a better councilor.  This would not have been possible without Lee's experience, insight, and positive attitude."

Jim Murray

​Former Councilor, Philadelphia Section