Lee H. Latimer, Ph.D.

Candidate for ACS Director at Large

As a member of the American Chemical Society since graduate school, I'm familiar with many reasons to join, support and be involved in a professional society.  I joined because of the benefits as a student, the many opportunities to grow, and because being a part of the professional society in my field was a natural part of being a professional.  Being a member of the ACS has been critical to my success as a chemist, to finding my next job, to recruiting staff and to building a network of colleagues and friends locally and nationally at meetings and in the society.  

I'm a candidate for the ACS Board of Directors as a Director at Large to continue serving our fellow members in critical areas for the Society.

In the linked pages in the header, you'll find more about me and the positions and values that serve as the foundation for my approach.  Being a Director carries great responsibility for the present and future in managing and addressing the issues facing the ACS.  There are no quick answers, only careful work as part of the team to accomplish the needs and plans for a great society of chemists.

​Contact me on the Contact page above or at LHLatimer@mindspring.com.  

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